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Lineup changes against the Penguins

Mathieu Darche Photo Copyright www.habsindepth.com
Mathieu Darche at the 2010-11 training camp


  Amit Malhotra © HiD

Habs will have to make room for Michael Cammalleri who will be returning to the lineup after serving his one game suspension. It seems likely that Mathieu Darche will sit out as a healthy scratch to make room for the star winger.

While Eller impressed everybody with his intense game play and his willingness to go after any lose puck, Darche may have invited Coach Martin's ire after taking a game-delay penalty at the end of second period as the Habs were trailing 2-1 last night against Toronto. Subsequently, he saw the ice for only 1 minute in the third period out of his total 8 minute ice time. Some may recall that a game-delay penalty does not gel well with Coach Martin who benched Ryan O'Byrne in game 3 against the Philadelphia Flyers for the whole game after he accidentally flicked the puck in the stands.

Defenceman Roman Hamrlik will also not be in the lineup for tomorrow's game against the Pittsburgh Penguin in their shining new arena. He is expected to be back for Wednesdays' home opener against the Tampa Bay Lightening.

Montreal could certainly use Cammalleri's help on the powerplay which went 0 for 3 in the season opener against Toronto.